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About NPS Solar

We are a long standing electrical company in the Northern Territory ‘Northern Power Services’ T/A NPS Solar.

We are currently working on projects at Batchelor, Manton Dam and Katherine Solar farms here in the Northern Territory, Australia and always looking to expand our business further. NPS Solar are equipped and experienced to complete all aspects of the Operations and Maintenance for any size solar farm.

Our services include, Weed and vegetation control, 24 hour rapid response, continual system monitoring and module cleaning with our state of the art Solarcleano F1 Robot which depending on the design of your system, is capable of cleaning over a Megawatt of modules per day with one passage. A regular cleaning maintains your installation and can help it regain more performance. The sunlight reflection effect by dirt decreases the absorption of solar energy on the photovoltaic cells. With Solarcleano’s innovating technology, we are able to dry wash the panels restoring the systems maximum yields without causing any stress on the modules and mass usage of water.

 We have a list of module manufacturers who have certified our robot safe to use on their modules which can be provided upon request, along with a declaration of conformity from Solarcleano, cleaning robot for cleaning photovoltaic installations is standard conform to the European machinery directive.

We have a qualified team on 24 hour response ensuring all matters are delt with immediately and effectively.

NPS SOLAR optimizes processes that are continuously and dynamically developing.

Our goal is to bring the best service with the highest efficiency. Having teams Australia wide using the latest technologies and equipment to provide a service that’s second to none.

Our Services

Complete Utility Scale Installation

Entire PV Management

System Monitoring


Panel Cleaning

Weed and Vegetation Control

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